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Ngoda Oven Description

What is Ngoda Oven?
Ngoda oven is popularly known as the money making machine due to its problem solving technique of solving problems faced in the baking industry. Ngoda Oven has been specifically designed to bake all breads, confectionary, grill or cook and fry doughnuts. It currently uses firewood, charcoal, maize cobs, and cow dung as sources of energy. Ngoda oven is portable, movable and affordable. It is reliable and convenient since it does not depend only on one source of energy. Also with Ngoda oven you can save electricity. Ngoda oven is mobile meaning it’s easier to carry it and move around baking without stressing much.
Ngoda oven branches are conveniently located in Zimbabwe with shops in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and  Karoi. Ngoda oven is a registered Trademark of Biznvest (Pvt) Ltd

  • Ngoda Oven(1 Loaf)

    Ngoda Oven(1 Loaf)

      Comprises of;
    • 1 loaf tin
    • 1 bun tray

    Bakes 1 loaf of bread and 8-12 buns.

  • Ngoda Oven(3 Loaves Oven)

    Ngoda Oven(3 Loaves Oven)

      Comprises of;
    • 3 loaf tins
    • 1 bun tray

    Bakes 3 loaves of bread and 25-30 buns.

  • Ngoda Oven(6 Loaves Oven)

    Ngoda Oven(6 Loaves Oven)

      Comprises of;
    • 6 tier loaf tins
    • 1 bun tray

    Bakes 6 loaves of bread and 60+ buns

  • Ngoda Oven(12 Loaves Oven)

    Ngoda Oven(12 Loaves Oven)

      Comprises of;
    • 2x 6 tier loaf tins
    • 1 bun tray

    Bakes12 loaves of bread and 120+ buns

  • Ngoda Oven(24 Loaves)

    Ngoda Oven(24 Loaves)

      Comprises of;
    • 4x 6 tier loaf tins
    • 2 bun tray

    Bakes24 loaves of bread and 120+ buns