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Biznvest is an investment project company duly registered with the Registrar of Companies of Zimbabwe and whose main object and value proposition is to diligently offer innovative investment solutions. The company started as a small WhatsApp group on the 19th of May 2015, which was named Biznvest, with the founder of the company, Aaron Chikukuza being the administrator of the group. On the WhatsApp platform, people would share business ideas and he would post business tips on a daily basis. To increase the number of participants, Aaron Chikukuza would do random visits in Harare CBD’s buildings to personally invite people to join the Biznvest WhatsApp group. Eventually, the number of groups grew to at least 20, with a maximum of 250 participants each. Biznvest organized business seminars to pull out the participants in the WhatsApp groups so that they could network physically. The seminars went on very well but could not be hosted for a long time due to a number of factors. After about 8 months from the inception of the social media group, Aaron Chikukuza negotiated with National Broadcaster ZBC and got a slot upon which he could utilize to advertise participants’ products and services (radio classifieds) on stations like Power FM, Khulumani FM, Radio Zimbabwe and National FM. He also negotiated with Zimpapers and got slots on radio stations like Star FM and Diamond FM. This program is called ‘Sugar Munzeve’ . The advent of radio classifieds made it possible for some regular income which was used to begin the formalization process of the company beginning with the registration of Biznvest (Private) Limited. In 2019, a new idea was birthed. It is the famous Ngoda Oven. The product was first tested in July 2019 and it was successful.


Who we are?

At Biznvest, we strive to create a real value proposition for our partners and shareholders. Our strategy is a reflection of our values and course of action. We have created a diversified portfolio that combines income-generating and growth opportunities. By striking the right balance, we ensure short-term success and future development. Our investment strategy focuses on emerging markets and prospects. This approach is the foundation of our exceptional capacity for long term growth.

Biznvest portfolio focuses on different business units: Ngoda which houses Ngoda Ovens, Aartty’s Bakery and Bakery Training. Our strategy for effectively executing on each of these areas, on a global basis, is to invest in the right people and companies.

What We Do?

We have various business units which are but not limited to the following:

  • – Bakery Division;
  • – Manufacturing of Ovens;
  • – Distribution of Temperature Bags;
  • – Digital Marketing, and research and Advisory Services.

Our Vision: To become a relentless investment game changer

Our Mission: To diligently offer innovative investment solutions.

Philosophy: We combine investment constructions and techniques to deliver tailor made investment solutions for our customers in our chosen disciplines.

Our People

Biznvest (Pvt) Ltd comprises a core group of dedicated, experienced, and innovative professionals, united by a common commitment to ethics, honesty, integrity, and performance. Our entrepreneurial culture fosters open communication amongst members of our team, bringing together knowledge and insights across industries and all business lines in the communities we operate in. Since the Company first started up to this very day, its people have always been its main driver of growth, without whom it would have been impossible to guarantee quality of service to its customers. Each individual investment has a strong value-proposition, creating a powerful portfolio. With experience and insight, we seek to reveal the true value of unique investment opportunities.